Just like the oil in your car needs to be regularly checked and changed, high tech machinery in your manufacturing process also requires regular attention. Many times, floor managers and other workers won’t notice a problem until they either hear strange sounds during the process, or experience some form of equipment failure. The trick is to prevent problems, rather than react to them later.

Very often, the only actual problem with a machine is that it needs to be cleaned. Debris can quickly pile up and interfere with the proper functioning of a machine part. Getting rid of this “gunk” can ensure a smooth operation and prevent headaches down the road. Hiring trained professionals to check on equipment is another way to keep machinery working optimally.

Some companies sell vibration analysis that promises to find and diagnose future machinery failure. The problem is that these analyses don’t always work. They try to pick up frequencies in machines, but that frequency isn’t always picked up, or even present, before failure. They are expensive tests that rarely work. Instead, a better option is to go in and have a trained professional inspect the parts on a regular basis and actually see what needs to cleaned, repaired, or replaced. It’s a much better investment and will end up saving you money, since you won’t be paying for ineffective tests and repairs that wouldn’t have been necessary if the problem was found and dealt with properly the first time.

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