Some of Our Recent Projects

Boring Mill Spindle Repair

Spindle arrived with the bar seized in the spindle quill due to chrome plating having been used in a past repair. The spindle was pressed apart and the chrome and damage was ground off of the OD of the bar. New hardened steel sleeves were manufactured to fit the new bar diameter. The bar was then modified to accept a custom Locher replaceable insert. New bearings, o-rings, and seals were installed and the spindle fully reassembled.

Chuck Laser Alignment

The FARO laser was setup to assist in the installation of a custom twin chuck machine. The chucks had to be shimmed and adjusted to bring in concentricity and parallelism across the full travel of the tailstock.

Turcite Repair on Table with Rotary Axis

Turcite had worn causing repeatability issues between the rotary table and way surface. New Turcite was installed, machined, and new oil grooves were cut for proper lubrication. The new surfaces were inspected and perpendicularity verified.

Chuck Repeatability Inspection

FARO head was used to inspect and verify circularity of custom chuck setup.

On-Site Installation of Replaceable Taper Insert

Spindle taper condition was too poor to grind in-place. Pulling the bar and chroming the taper is only a temporary fix in a boring mill spindle where flex will cause the chrome to flake. The spindle was machined and ground on-site and a new Locher replaceable tapered insert was installed.

Regrinding Lathe Taper to Fit New Center

Customer had center reground and their lathe rebuilt. We setup on a custom fixture and ground the large Morse taper to fit the repaired center.

Relocation of Sundstrand S60

Disassembling and moving a Sundstrand S60 Omnimill for a customer.  Locher was responsible for fully disassembling the machine and prepping for rigging.  The Z axis ways were removed for grinding as well as the ball screw to grind and replace the ball nut.  Project is still underway.

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