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Precision Plug and Ring Taper Gages


  • Ease-of-use, which provides fast (yes or no) dimensional information that rarely calls for human judgment
  • Portable and independent of power, which means they can be used anywhere in the shop without additional equipment
  • Allows for accurate alignment between spindle tools and their supporting members
  • Provides information as to whether more contact is required to drive a tool

There are a number of standards that define taper shank dimensions, and Locher, Inc. can provide taper gages to meet the criteria for many of them as well as designing gages for custom applications.

Morse Taper

These types of shanks are used on a variety of tools, and exclusively on the shanks of twist drills. The taper for this standard is approximately 0.625 inch per foot, in most cases.

Jarno Taper Shanks

This taper is based on simple formulas that require almost no calculations, when the number of taper is known.

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At Locher, Inc. we provide our customers with complete spindle rebuilding, in-place spindle taper regrinding, tapered insert retrofits and bar & sleeve repairs - performed either in our factory or yours. Contact us for a free quote.

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