When we stop and think about our business today, the spindle expertise we’ve brought together and even the physical shop space we now need to house our machines and perform our range of services, it can be hard to recognize ourselves as the small traveling repair business we began as just 20 years ago! Today, Locher employs multiple traveling technicians, in-house technicians, and office staff. It’s a big contract, to say the least, from building equipment in a family garage.

But there’s a reason why we’ve grown. Our re-designed machines, spindle inserts, and CNC knowledge fulfill industry-wide demands. The company may have expanded, but we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to quality repair work and individualized attention. You can see that just by taking a look at our long-time customers; they’ve been with us since the beginning.

Prioritizing these relationships, taking quality to heart, and putting in the extra time has allowed us to expand our knowledge of replacement, repair, and maintenance solutions for CNC machining – and we look forward to sharing the insights and tips we’ve picked up along the way here on our new blog. As we continue to expand our Carroll, Ohio and Fort Worth, Texas facilities, acquire new equipment, and build relationships with new customers, we’ll continue to be here for you as your complete spindle management resource!