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Rebuild of Machine Tool Spindle Utilizing CNC Milling and Welding Capabilities


  Locher, Inc. carried out a complete spindle repair and rebuild for a client in the         machining industry, making use of our versatile and broad repair, machining, and   assembly capabilities. We received the spindle in very poor condition from our         customer, who required a finished "like-new" condition. The main problem with         the spindle was a series of cracks around the keyway, which were milled out and     welded. The entire shaft was then reground true and concentric.

  We also worked with a customer to modify and develop a solution to an issue with   the spindle cartridge oiling lubrication system. Bearings for this particular                   cartridge, matching the dimensions and system, were extremely expensive and       difficult to find. We decided to plug the oiling ports and install greased bearings for   identical operation at a lower cost. In addition to the cartridge rebuild, a full               drawbar rebuild was also part of this project. Maintaining a tolerance of ± .0001",     the finished, like-new spindle was delivered to the customer within 3 weeks.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Complete rebuild of machine tool spindle including new bearings, drawbar rebuilding,housing repair, and shaft repair.
Tightest Tolerance .0001"
Industry for Use Machine Tool Operation
Delivery Time 3 weeks
Standards Met Repaired spindle assembly to like new condition
Product Name Shaft Spindle
Project Scope Spindle was received with a shaft in very poor condition with cracks around the keyway.The cracks were then milled out and welded before the entire shaft was reground true and concentric.The spindle cartridge was then reassembled with a modification to the oiling system.Bearings were extremely expensive and hard to find to match the dimensions and oiling lubrication system.Due to the operation of the machine, the oiling ports were plugged and greased bearings were installed to greatly lower the cost but maintain operation.

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