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Machine Alignment and Calibration Utilizing Laser Calibration Systems and Testing Equipment


One of our machine shop customers came to us with a calibration and alignment issue for two Mitsubishi machines, which we were able to solve using laser calibration systems and other testing methods. In this particular situation, these twin machines had over 33 ft. of travel in the X-axis that needed to be aligned with each other. We carried this out using the HP laser system, as well as the Faro laser tracker, Hamar laser system, and Renishaw Ballbar testing equipment. CMM inspection is also used whenever necessary.

Working within a 1 week turnaround time, complete machine alignment was achieved with ± .0001" precision, allowing our customer to continue to carry out a high quality operation. Our laser calibration and alignment is available for machines measuring up to 250'. Please contact us for full details.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Faro Laser Tracker, HP Laser System, Hamar Laser System, and Renishaw Ballbar testing equipment are all used to completely align and calibrate machinery.
Tightest Tolerance .00005"
Product Length Up to 250'
Product Width Up to 250'
Product Height Up to 250'
Product Weight Up to 250'
Special Feature Multiple high quality laser systems to meet every requirement.
Industry for Use Machine Tool Alignment, CMM, and General Alignments
Delivery Time 1 week
Standards Met Complete Machine Alignment within .0001"
Product Name Mitsubishi
Project Scope Twin Mitsubishi machines with over 33 ft. of travel in X that needed to be aligned with each other using the HP laser system.

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