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In-Place/On-Site Spindle Grinding, Repair, Retrofitting, and Rebuilding Services

Spindle Grinding

Serving multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, and railroad, Locher, Inc. can perform both on and off site spindle grinding, repair, retrofitting, and rebuilding services. Capable of operating on heads over 200 HP, our superior services include both in-place spindle taper grinding and on-site spindle repair for all milling and turning operations. We also provide on-site installation of boring mill replaceable tapered inserts, and can perform taper conversions from Morse to #50.

Outfitted with full mobile grinding machines and a FARO laser that can be used for machinery realignment, we are well equipped to expertly handle all in-place or on-site spindle grinding, repair, retrofitting and rebuilding services. And, we offer just-in-time service and emergency repair capabilities. Contact Locher, Inc. today for more information.

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General Capabilities
Emergency Repair
Industries Served
Aerospace Turning Machinery
Automotive Turning Machinery
Biotechnology Turning Machinery
Chemical Turning Machinery
Food Processing Turning Machinery
Industrial Turning Machinery
Marine Turning Machinery
Mining Turning Machinery
Nuclear Turning Machinery
Oil, Gas, Petroleum Turning Machinery
Optical Turning Machinery
Packaging Turning Machinery
Pharmaceutical Turning Machinery
Printing Turning Machinery
Railroad Turning Machinery
Recreational Turning Machinery
  • In-place Spindle Taper Grinding For all Milling and Turning Operations, Including Large High Horsepower Machines
  • On-site Spindle Repair For all Milling and Turning Operations, Including Large High Horsepower Machines
  • On-site Installation Of Boring Mill Replaceable Tapered Inserts
  • Taper Conversions. Morse Taper To #50
  • Spindle Rebuilding Services
  • Spindle Management Products
  • Full "Run-in" Of Spindle Cartridges and Milling Heads Over 200 HP
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Equipment Full Mobile Grinding Operation
Including FARO Laser for Machinery Realignment
Spindle Rebuilding and Retrofitting Process
  • Dimensions are taken from the old spindle bar. A complete set of drawings or blueprints are made from this information.
  • The insert is manufactured (with a spare) and a third insert is machined to a rough state.
  • All machining equipment is loaded into a truck, brought on-site and positioned in-place for retrofit.
  • All machining operations are completed on the spindle bar, in-place.
  • The insert is installed into the bar and an inspection is performed.
  • Test cuts are made with the machine to complete the inspection.
  • An extra insert is left with the customer, to be used as a spare.

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