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The Importance of Regularly Checking and Maintaining Machines

Just like the oil in your car needs to be regularly checked and changed, high tech machinery in your manufacturing process also requires regular attention. Many times, floor managers and other workers won’t notice a problem until they either hear … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Replaceable Tapered Inserts

When running large boring mills, one common problem is damage to the spindle bar taper.  These bars can be upwards of 8 feet long and 7 inches in diameter, making them difficult to repair once they have reached the point … Continue reading

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Trains Get Us from Point A to Point B, But How Do Train Wheels Get There in the First Place?

Trains have been a reliable source of mass transit for hundreds of years. Over time, they’ve undergone some structural changes for a more efficient and comfortable ride. New York subway riders recently got a chance to step back in time, … Continue reading

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Locher: Celebrating Over 20 Years of Quality Service

When we stop and think about our business today, the spindle expertise we’ve brought together and even the physical shop space we now need to house our machines and perform our range of services, it can be hard to recognize … Continue reading

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